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What is healing?

Spiritual healing is the channelling of healing energy from its spiritual source to one who is in need of help. Most often the channel for this energy is a healer and the most common method of transference is through the hands. All healers train to be as pure a channel as possible so that the patient will receive the maximum benefits according to his or her needs.


Can anybody do it?

Everyone is capable of becoming a healer but it is not necessarily your path or it may lead you into other areas of alternative care. It may also be important for you to learn the process for your own personal development. It requires commitment, dedication, professionally and personally.  Learning about the chakras and aura i.e. the equipment and how it relates to yourself is the starting point as you will not be in tune with a patient until you are in tune with yourself.

It is important  to train with a reputable organisation. The College of Psychic studies runs a course and so do The Healing Trust. If you are unsure if its the path you want to follow then a workshop might be the best place to start . These will be found on the College website. Please go to the Contacts page for more details. 

Sharry is currently a Healing Supervisor on CIHDC at the College of Psychic Studies

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