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Misticals Aura Mists are handmade from 100% essentials oils, mixed with water and alcohol. They are imbued with Reiki Energy and good intention for the greater good of all who use them. There are currently 4 Mists available. Use them to refresh your personal space, in the work place and in therapy rooms.

Precautions, keep away from your eyes and do not ingest.

If you wish to purchase any Misticals sprays please go to the Contacts page for further details.

Silver Mist

Cleansing Mist. If you feel heavy and weighed down with problems Silver Mist will uplift you. It is also good for spraying around your bed before you go to sleep and can be used it as a room spray.


Ground & Balance

To help with grounding and balancing issues. If you feel slightly out of your body or have not come back from a Meditation, spray around your Aura and it will help you feel centred and grounded.

Heart Chakra

For all issues associated with the heart energy and emotions. It captures the energy of the Heart Chakra. If you feel you have any issues with this Chakra use the spray at any time. Particularly when meditating and in the bedroom before going to sleep.  



Protection issues, if you feel vulnerable or open. Sometime we feel that people are getting to close to us and their energy is overwhelming. Protection Mist will help to strength your Auric Field.

Misticals Aura Sprays.

Imbued with Reiki Energy for the Greater Good of All.

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